InSite Update: More Interactive Pages

We enabled interactive pages as part of the InSite system a little while back. InSite is a workflow and open source publishing system that makes audio and video easier to publish, navigate and share. You can see it in action at Duke’s Rutherfurd Living History site.

Interactive pages aren’t connected to audio or video like interactive transcripts, but, like interactive transcripts, they can be shared at the sentence level.

The Our Research documents that detail the research and logic that went into the InSite system are now all published as interactive pages.

This means I can more easily share excerpts from them. Here’s an excerpt  from The Interview: A Report, including a link that will take you right to that excerpt so you can see it in context:

“Here’s what we learned in our interviews with 45 journalists who span a wide range of ages and work for major US newspapers, magazines, online publications, television and radio stations.”

This one is from InSite: A Guide:

“You can copy an excerpt plus direct link and email it.”

And here’s one from Technology to Watch:

“There are three particularly tricky steps: transcribing audio into an accurate transcript, connecting the transcript at the sentence level to timecodes in the audio/video, and keeping this connection in the published version.”

Also, like interactive transcripts, interactive pages can have annotations. You can select and share annotations as well. I used several of these in the guide. Here’s an annotation that takes you to an interview so you can try navigating it:

“Navigate an Interactive Interview’

I also used annotations as updates – this one shows you how we improved the interview search capabilities:

“Update: Better Interview Search!”

There’s more background about interactive transcripts on the PatchonTech Interactive Transcripts Page.

Happy sharing!