Speech Input

I’ve been using speech input for more than two decades after a bout with repetitive strain injuries in my hands. I use Dragon Pro Individual with two add-ons: Intag, which numbers elements like buttons and links, and Utter Command, which allows you to say command phrases.

I developed Utter Command and I train people to use speech input efficiently.

I’m currently working on making the words and rules I use in Utter Command open source and more portable.

Here’s a nice take on Human-Machine Grammar and Utter Command from James Stout’s Hands-Free Coding blog. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in helping with an open source Utter Command effort.

The original Utter Command is no longer for sale, but you can read about it on the legacy site. It still works, including on Dragon 15/Windows 10. You can request a copy here if you let me know why you’d like to try it, and promise to give me some feedback as you use the program.

Here’s a video showing Utter Command in action. The Utter Command documentation is at the bottom of the UC Knowledge Base page.

The text and slides from the presentation I gave at AccessU include my latest thoughts on using speech input: Including Speech Input Users: What’s frustrating, what’s needed – 2018 update (PDF, slides)
AccessU, May 16, 2018

Here’s some more background: