InSite Setup: Making your own interactive transcript site using the InSite WordPress theme

If you know how to set up a WordPress site, you can set up your own interactive transcript site using the InSite interactive transcript WordPress theme. Here are the basics. There more details in the github readme file.

1. Install an instance of WordPress

2. Install these WordPress plug-ins:
Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Posts 2 Posts

3. Upload the InSite theme from to the root directory of the WordPress install and extract it. The theme includes the Able Player video player and two plug-ins for the player.

4. Create a a directory called rlh in /wp-content/themes/

5. Copy the contents of RLH-Site-Code-master into the rlh theme directory.

6. Make sure wp-content is set to www-data:www-data,

Either select wp-content click the chown icon (looks like two heads of different sizes) set both user name and group name to www-data:www-data and check the “recursive” checkbox.
Or use the SSH command (make sure to swap in your site directory):
chown -R [www-data]:[www-data] [YOUR SITE’S ROOT DIRECTORY/wp-content]

7. Create a child theme named rlh-child, and edit the CSS to customize the look of the site as needed.