Trump’s Showdown Goes Interactive

I’ve written previously about PBS Frontline’s Putin Files, which are interactive transcripts of all the source interviews that went into the documentary Putin’s Revenge. The source interviews are shareable by sentence – select an excerpt to tweet or copy and you get the text plus a link to the start of that excerpt. And most of the interviews are connected to the interview video, so you can see and hear the source interview in addition to reading it.

This month, I helped Frontline with another interactive project: interactive transcripts for many of the source interviews for the documentary Trump’s Showdown. Like the Putin Files, they can be shared at the sentence level.

So, like the Putin Files, you can peruse these source interviews and come up with your own playlist of quotes.

Here’s one from former CIA General Counsel Jeffrey H. Smith:

“That’s a very destructive and undemocratic form of loyalty.”

This time around, there’s also an interactive version of the documentary itself.

There are a couple of menu items at the top right. Click “Interviews” and you get a list of source interviews for the film.

Partial screenshot of the interactive documentary showing the interviews item circled and a column of thumbnails of the interactive source interviews for the documentary

Click one of the thumbnails and you’ll get to the interactive transcript, and the film will pause. Click the “Back to Film” arrow on the top left, and and it will take you back to the film and start playing again.

Click on “Quotes” and you get a list of key quotes from the documentary.

Partial screenshot of the interactive documentary showing the quotes menu item circled and thumbnails with quotes In the right-hand column. Arrows point out the film and interview button for each quote.

Click on the film button below one of the quotes, and you go right to the quote in the documentary. Click on the Interview button and you go right to the quote in the interactive transcript.

Also, when you’re watching the interactive film, if you don’t have the film on full-screen view, you’ll see indicators in the bottom left corner when one of the key quotes is playing.

Screenshot of the interactive documentary showing a small thumbnail in the bottom right corner (circled) that you can click to get to that quote in the context of the full interview..

There’s more background about interactive transcripts on the PatchonTech Interactive Transcripts page.